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As one of the leaders in the immigration arena, RGC offer you the opportunity to obtain a second citizenship and invest in several different countries around the world.

We Provide The Best Way To Success Your Migration

In the heart of Istanbul, RCG has set its main foundation and has become one of the best companies in the country due to its professionalism in obtaining second citizenship and related real estate investment solutions.
We begin with a thorough consultation and ask the right questions that help you see your case holistically as well as understand long-term expectations. From the first consultation, through case completion, We seek to understand your overall goals and intentions leading to a concise case strategy and successful outcome.

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Accurate Guidance

we are committed to meeting the needs and plans of our clients and gives them the opportunity to have a new nationality of the Caribbean countries starting from submitting the identity papers file through the international security audit and ending with obtaining naturalization Decisions and passports.

Our mission

With more than 20 years of experience and business consulting, we propose our integrated services for approved immigration programs as well as second citizenship for many countries around the world. Also, we give you the possibility to invest in these countries with reselling and international real-estate.

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