Caribbean Citizenship

Citizenship is the most privileged form of nationality. This broader term denotes various relations between an individual and a state that do not necessarily confer political rights but do imply other privileges, particularly protection abroad. It is the term used in international law to denote all persons whom a state is entitled to protect.
With an extensive experience of RCG founders and its highly skilled legal team with all information and procedures related to immigration and second nationality programs, we offer our integrated services by providing a documented legal advice for approved immigration programs as well as second citizenship for the Caribbean countries.

Benefits of Caribbean citizenship

Allows one to visit at least 140 countries

Obtain a long-term visitor visa to the United States

Do business in another country

Optimize taxes

Give children a prestigious education

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RGC process of obtaining Caribbean citizenship

Contact the government agencies (the Naturalization Department) of the country.

Submitting the identity papers.

Doing the international security audit.

Obtaining naturalization Decisions and passports.

Reasons why you should choose us

  • Our guarantee is that all our dealings in all stages of obtaining citizenship are with government agencies in the Caribbean countries.
  • RGC accept to pay the dues in installments in line with the stages of naturalization,
  • if your application is rejected in the first stage by the Nationality Department, we return to you the amount that you paid.


Citizenship by Investment (CBI) is the process of obtaining a second citizenship and passport by investing in another country.

Several Caribbean islands are implementing the most affordable citizenship by investment programs in the world, where applicants from anywhere in the world can obtain the Commonwealth citizenship either through the financial contribution into the country’s economy or through investing in its real Estates.

Dominica introduced its Citizenship by Investment program in 1993 and has since grown to be one of the most effective CBI programs in the Caribbean.

Tourist property in the Caribbean is a profitable asset. Citizenship program participants can sell real estate after 3-7 years of ownership. Considering the dynamics of price increases, the sale can generate income. The investor sells the property or goes through a management company.

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